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Mobile Millard's



We love cabins, the comfy, the cozy, the amenties. But we also love to just get away, hit the backcountry, and be away from it all. So naturally we were drawn to the #vanlife movement that is converting sprinter vans all over the place. However, who has $38k to buy a good van and another $8k on top of that to turn it in to a home? 

This started our journey into #trailerconversion leading to our Mobile Millard's!


Here you will find just a few images and notes on the wagon. As we take it out on adventures we will update here with tips and tricks to make your back country adventuring better. 

Want to build your own? We have built a step by step guide that you can purchase here! The guide comes with everything from electrical and water schematics, product lists, helpful videos found across the internet, and 10 comprehensive steps to building your dream adventure wagon. 


How can you take your basic no frills cargo trailer and make it a home on wheels? Love, patience, lite carpentry, and a complete electrical system to give you all the amenities of the 21st century. 

The process is truly simple. Design your trailer by defining your needs on the road. Build a plan, and start the work. Be willing to adjust as necessary and stick with it. The process will not only be very rewarding but will teach you invaluable lessons from engineering and design to application and construction. You can do it! 


Cargo to Comfy 


Maximizing Comfort 

5x10' is small. Like really, small. But you can live big! Keeping your adventure wagon to this size allows you to go more places, spend less on pulling a heavy trailer, and well its just overall cheaper to buy and build. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice!  Shown in our guide there is plenty  of ways to maximize the space and have all the amenities you need to be comfortable or even work while living on the road. 

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