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The Front

Sometimes you just need a little love to realize you were beautiful all along! Millard's got a full facelift in 2018! Using our Wagner paint sprayer, we covered the cabin in Behr exterior paint. We chose a deep blue for the main exterior and forest green for the trim.

To provide the finishing touches, we wanted to bring the natural wood tones from inside, outside. We used  the cedar shake siding that covered most of the interior walls of the cabin and used them to build a beautiful cedar accent skirt. One weekend and a couple hundred bucks later, Millard's exterior was shining!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the largest transition in all of Millard's. The old kitchen was dated, dysfunctional, and not aesthetically pleasing. What did we did we do to change it? Demo!

We ripped out all of the old, bulky cabinetry, the dated floor, and tile countertops. We also exchanged the 30 inch range for a more functional 24 inch range to suite the small space. We brought in new cabinetry, painted the trim, added faux rock to the wall, installed open shelves, a handcrafted wood countertop, and a new stainless steel sink!

How to save money and time here? All the cabinets were stock on sale at our local Lowe's! We used our paint sprayer to paint them a light grey-blue and prepped everything at home before taking it out to the cabin which saved us time and money at the cabin! To save money on countertops, we built wood countertops using 2x8 lumber and sealed them using triple thick polyurethane. Open shelves are simply 2x6's to create hollow shelves that are easy to install over mounted brackets.

We were able to find some faux rock leftover from a local contractor. After adding new lighting, small kitchen appliances, cookware, a pantry cart, and folding kitchen table, we were left with a functional and beautiful kitchen!

The Loft

Simple changes can make a big impact. Twinkle lights trimming the A-Frame, new bedding, and a hand crafted bed frame made the space extremely inviting.

To save money and elevate the design of the space, all the furniture was built using reclaimed lumber.

  Without spending a fortune, we added some handmade touches that give the loft character and make you want to cozy up in bed on a rainy day in the mountains!

The Backyard

While the kitchen was a huge transformation, the outdoor space out back may have been a bigger one. With Millard's cabin being only 700 sq ft., we wanted to add some more space for groups and families. Up went Millard's bunkhouse!

We decided on a 10x10 lean-to style structure to add another full size bed with a twin bunk and a closet for a stack-able washer and dryer. New buildings can get expensive, so to save money we found the sliding glass door, window, and pine lumber leftover from local projects for a fraction of the price. We also added an amazing cedar soaking hot tub in between the bunkhouse and main cabin. This is a beautiful 5x3 simple soak-er from Snorkel Hot Tubs based in Seattle. They do have great sales and financing available to take advantage of! The simple soak-er adds a whole new level to rest and relaxation at the cabin. While soaking, you can see snow capped mountains on a clear day and all of your worries will fade away.

Want to see more?

Check out the gallery below to see even more from the transformation.

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